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What is Confirmation?

For centuries Christians have embraced, in one form or another, the practice of catechesis. This practice is centered in instruction in Christian faith and practice. As we study the Scriptures and the teachings of the Lutheran Church in Luther’s Small Catechism, our goal is to not only grow in our knowledge of the Scriptures and Lutheran doctrine, but also to prepare ourselves for service to Christ in the places he has called us.

We often call this practice confirmation, especially for those who were baptized into the Church at a young age. Confirmation is about confirming the faith that we have been baptized into and stating publicly that we, along with the entire Christian Church, hold to the words and promises of Jesus as our source of life and hope.

Confirmation Objectives

Confirmation is by no means graduation from church or the end of one's growth in knowledge and faith. In many ways, confirmation functions as an introduction into full membership in the life of the church. At Lamb of God, our confirmation curriculum has three main objectives:

  • We learn Christian doctrine by memorizing the teachings of the Lutheran faith in the Six Chief parts of Luther’s Small Catechism.
  • We grow in our faith by reading the four Canonical Gospels and connecting their narratives of the life of Christ in order to answer the question “Who is Jesus?”
  • We relate the doctrine of the Small Catechism and the life of Jesus to our lives by answering the question, “Why am I a Lutheran Christian?”

Who is Welcome to Attend Confirmation Instruction?

Confirmation instruction is open to anyone who is interested in membership at Lamb of God Lutheran. Our Sunday morning Catechism class is geared toward middle and high school youth whose families are worshiping members of our church. Additional adult instruction classes are scheduled regularly throughout the year for adults seeking membership at Lamb of God.